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Waschbare Abschminkpads - Zero Waste im Badezimmer - Bambuna

Washable make-up removal pads - zero waste in the bathroom

Reduce waste with washable makeup remover pads

Make-up removal pads are among the most commonly used disposable products in the bathroom. On average, a woman uses about 3-4 cotton pads a day. Doesn't sound like much at first, but it's useful over the year each woman approx. 1,500 cotton pads per year.  

With reusable make-up removal pads, these large mountains of rubbish, which pollute our environment, can be avoided. 


Washable make-up removal pads are eco-friendly pads that you can wash and reuse after use. Instead of disposing of the pad after one use, as usual, simply wash it with the rest of the laundry in the practical laundry bag at 40 degrees.  

The usable cotton pads are available in different shapes and materials such as microfiber, bamboo and cotton. However, microfiber is out of the question for us as we want to support a garbage and plastic free bathroom.

Washable cotton makeup remover pads are incredibly soft on facial skin and just as friendly to the environment as they are biodegradable. So the next time you want to remove your make-up, it's better to use the environmentally friendly make-up removal pads instead of the conventional disposable cotton pads. 

Advantages of washable make-up removal pads

🌱 Environmentally friendly and sustainable 
🌱 Washable and reusable
🌱 Zero waste product
🌱 Suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin
🌱 Versatile: make-up, neck, face and eye cleansing
🌱 Natural antibacterial effect due to the bamboo fibers.



We offer our make-up removal pads in two versions. The more expensive version is with a stylish bamboo storage box, which is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom, the cheaper version without a storage box.
A matching laundry net is supplied with each set.  


Tips for application

You can use your preferred make-up remover for cleaning as usual. Especially natural soap, ph-neutral facial tonic or coconut oil are ideal for daily facial cleansing. It is best to test which make-up remover you and your facial skin get along with best. You can use the washable make-up removal pads on both sides - the wash bag is practical so that you don't lose the pads during the wash cycle and keep them in one place until the wash. Our cosmetic pads are also suitable for cleaning the face after a peeling or a face mask.  

With washable make-up remover pads you can reduce waste in the bathroom enormously and thus make a major contribution to environmental protection.

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