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Cold showers - Why a cold shower every day is healthy!

Cold showers - Why a cold shower every day is healthy!

To take a cold shower in the morning gives you the ultimate awakening kick and promotes your concentration for the day. The thought of taking a cold shower gives many goosebumps just reading about it. Even if the cold water demands a lot of effort right after getting up, you will quickly notice the advantages it has for you. Promised. Today we will explain in detail why this is the case and what other advantages cold showers have for your body.

Why cold showers are so effective

The cold shower trains your sensitivity to cold, which means you get sick less often. Especially in the winter months or when the weather is very unstable, many people get tired quickly and get headaches or circulatory problems. Because we now have a very 'comfortable' life with heating, warm water from the tap and no longer have to be exposed to extreme cold, our body has developed less resistance to cold over time. With targeted cold training, you can slowly get used to this resistance again. You will feel a positive change during the winter months as you will be less cold. 


- you become more confident and focused
- you will feel 'cool' in challenging and stressful situations
- you will notice that your complexion and hair structure will improve significantly.
- you will be in a much better mood than you already were. 

But how does that work? It starts with the fact that it is a real challenge for you that you face and thus triggers feelings of happiness. 
You don't have to hop in an ice-cold shower right away, you can slowly feel your way to a cooler and cooler temperature and may never want to take a warm shower again for the following reasons:

Increased self-confidence: The cold shower triggers a testosterone boost and gives you more motivation and self-confidence for the day. Being confident means more success. You will feel more comfortable in any situation, whether comfortable or uncomfortable.

Against depression and stress: The cold water reduces stress and is a good way to counteract depression. Your immune system is strengthened and makes you stronger against diseases. In addition, your sleep quality will improve.  

More beautiful skin and stronger hair: The cold shower stimulates blood circulation in your body, which closes the pores in your skin and makes your skin and hair more resistant to heat or friction. Another positive benefit is that the cold shower boosts fat burning because the body tries to equalize the temperature.

Better mood and more attention: You will be amazed how the cold shower can lift your spirits. Above all, the classic 'morning grumps' benefit from a cold shower to get up to speed faster. 

How does cold training affect the body?

Zellebene: Mitochondria produce the energy in our body. The more mitochondria there are in your cells, the more cold-resistant you are. You can increase the number of mitochondria through targeted cold training.

Fettebene: There are bad white fat cells and good brown fat cells in the body. The more good fat cells you have, the more heat your body produces. Babies have more brown fat cells, in adults these disappear over time because they are no longer needed due to evolution.

muscle level: The muscles serve as insulation for our organs and produce heat in the body by shaking. 

Organ and hormone level: A healthy intestine can optimally utilize the nutrients you have absorbed and strengthen your immune system. Your thyroid is responsible for producing mitochondria. You can support them with a balanced diet with iodine and selenium.

How do I start cold training?

Shower as usual and slowly lower the temperature. You can always go down a few degrees after a few minutes until it's very cold. Some find it easy, others find it really difficult. You can incorporate breathing exercises during the shower. Take a deep breath, this increases your concentration for the first 20 seconds. If you have survived the first 'cold shock', it's done and your body has gotten used to the cold water.

If you've done this more often and got used to it, you can move on to the next step and get used to it cold bath let in. It is best to sit directly in the tub and then slowly let the cold water in. Try to stay in the cold bath for at least 15 minutes, but get out of the tub right away if you're not feeling well.

If you don't mind that anymore, you can have yours bathroom expand around Ice. Add a few ice cubes to your cold bath so that you can notice a noticeable effect on the temperature. Initially, however, you should not stay in the tub for more than 5-10 minutes.

The ultimate goal once you've completed the last three steps is to get out into the Nature to go and into one cold sea to go. It is best to take a water thermometer with you to check the temperature so that you know how cold the water really is. 

The cold shower is usually the first challenge of the day and gives you a great feeling when you have mastered it. Try it out and see how your everyday life changes for the better! 😊



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