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Mother Ocean Day - der internationale Mutter Ozean Tag - Bambuna

Mother Ocean Day - the international Mother Ocean Day 2023

Save the environment. Save the Oceans. The 10. May or the Saturday before Mother's Day call as Mother Ocean Day (literally: Mother Ocean Day) for the worldwide protection of maritime habitats. Reason enough to honor this day of action and to tell its story below. What is it about?

Who created Mother Ocean Day?

Mother Ocean Day is a relatively new holiday, the first edition of which took place in 2013. This post from the calendar of maritime celebrations was initiated by the US South Florida Kayak Fishing Club, which also got the city of Miami to officially recognize this day of action. Although Mother Ocean Day originated in the United States, it is now attracting international attention as well 

When is Mother Ocean Day?

Since 2013, Mother Ocean Day, which was founded in the USA, has always taken place on May 10th.

Goals and Intention: What is Mother Ocean Day about?

The name is a metaphorical allusion to the oceans as the origin and necessary resource of life. At the same time, however, there is also an appeal for the necessary protection of these habitats (see, among other things, the thematically related World Oceans Day on June 8th).

Accordingly, the international Mother Ocean Day also calls for raising awareness of the problems and threats facing the oceans. It is not for nothing that marine biologists and climate researchers around the world have repeatedly warned of the effects that the destruction of the oceans can have on human life. Rising sea levels should then be one of our lesser problems

With this in mind: Protect the oceans and have a relaxed Mother Ocean Day. It doesn't matter on which coast or on which ocean you celebrate this occasion. 🌊

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