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DIY shaving soap

Make your own shaving soap - for a gentle shave without waste! 🧼

Who also knows the typical problems that can occur after a shave. 
The skin appears irritated, tight and itchy and even inflamed red spots can appear. This is not only because the shaving itself irritates the skin, but the conventional shaving care products are not exactly mild to the skin and contain many bad ingredients.

Our recipe for the DIY shaving soap enables a gentle shave and even has a nourishing effect, as the skin is already supplied with fat and moisture during the shave. 


  • 250ml distilled water
  • 50g grated Kernseife
  • 50g dried flowers, leaves or herbs
  • 5 drops essential oils e.g. chamomile, sage or lavender 1 teaspoon honey


Put the flowers, leaves or herbs in a pot with the distilled water. Boil the mixture briefly and then let it cool down.
Sieve off the plant remains and reheat the brew.
As soon as it starts to simmer, add the curd soap flakes
and stir it gently.
After a short simmer, you can let the brew cool down again.
Once the temperature drops below 40, you can add the honey and essential oils.
Now fill the shaving soap in a jar with a screw cap and be ready for the next shave.


Take some of your homemade shaving soap and stir it with a little water until it is foamy. You can then use a shaving brush to apply the foam to the previously
applied to moistened skin and distribute with circular movements. 


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