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Shaving with a safety razor - step-by-step instructions for the perfect shave

You have decided on a safety razor and are now wondering how you can shave optimally with it? Then follow our step-by-step instructions to get the perfect shave! 

  • To begin with, the skin should be completely wet. It is best to use warm water as it opens the pores of the skin, which makes shaving even more efficient.

  • Use shaving foam, shaving soap, or shower gel to minimize friction between your skin and the razor, reducing irritation and cuts. It also helps the blades last longer.
  • To shave, hold the safety razor at a slight angle to the skin's surface and shave in short strokes. Since the safety razor does not have a swivel head, you have to be careful not to use long razor strokes, especially in areas such as knees or armpits.

  • While shaving, you should regularly hold the razor head under running water to keep the blade clean.

  • At the end of the shave, we recommend rinsing the skin with cold water to close the pores again.

How do I insert the razor blades and how can I replace them later? 

The safety razor consists of the bamboo handle and the razor head into which the razor blade is inserted.

  • Take the safety razor and twist the handle counter-clockwise.
  • Carefully take the razor blade out of the packaging and only lift it by the short sides to avoid injuring yourself.
  • Put the razor blade on the razor head and then put the second plate on so that the ribbed side is facing the razor blade. 
  • Turn the handle clockwise again. Be careful to only turn the razor handle and not the razor head to avoid injuring yourself. 

How often should I change the razor blade? 

As soon as you notice that the blade is no longer gliding smoothly, you should replace it. Depending on how you use it, it is advisable to replace your blade after about 5-10 shaves, because dull razor blades promote skin irritation and razor burn.

As soon as your old blade has served its purpose, you can carefully wrap it in the wax paper of the new bell and simply dispose of it in the residual waste.

Have fun shaving and the feeling of radiantly smooth skin! 🪒


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